Friday, October 15

Amanda Kravat- awesome music artist..

So, I found this website for music artist, Amanda Kravat. Her first cd was 'Mary Me Jane' and I loved it when I it came out forever ago. Well, the other day I did a search to see if they had done anything new and found that Amanda had gone solo.

check out the liner notes from her new album...

so this strange boy came to dinner and ruined my appetite as he explained another: we were talking about songs and he said that we all did the same stuff, but the details were what mattered -- what you were doing when you remembered your old toy fire engine, what the sky tasted like when you fell in love with the idiot in the 10th grade, i took it to that not everybody's lucky enough to be able to sob, and even fewer have the ability to laugh at the wealth of liquid pouring out of their faces. know what i mean? so if every little minute on this earth really counts, don't you just wanna say hello to your mailman/woman every now and then? talk to someone who repulses you, just to see what it feels like? run around naked in the least once?the same way a pinball can appear to take forever deciding which lane to roll down, i get so sick of watching the hours flip by, being unsure.well here's our little moment in 40 whatever minutes. if you don't love it, sleep with it under your pillow, give it a birthday cake and dress it up for dinner.if you don't actively despise it, figure out how to smash it into bits or give it to your enemies for christmas.tilt the machine. just do one true thing today and don't miss a bloody second...tick.

~~~ hence the name of the cd. "tick"
I haven't bought the cd yet, but judging by the lyrics it will be awesome. I highly suggest you check out her shit. She really has a talent for putting color into words.

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