Wednesday, December 1

Cheap Tree Decorating Ideas

So, being a poor girl, I have come up with some really cool ways to decorate a tree.

Curling ribbon. Silver, gold, irridescent... Cut into strips and curl it with scissors. Drape swirly ribbons on tree.

Fake flowers. Grab a couple bunches of fake poinsettia's and pull the flowers off. You can wire them onto your tree as a filler. I also found a glitter spray that was waterbased and sprayed each flower so that they have a pretty reflective effect off of the Christmas lights.

Candy Canes.

K..I don't know what these things are called, but you can find them in the flower dept or the craft dept. They are long wooden sticks that curl at the tip. They are spray painted usually, and I have found that gold, silver, or irridescent look great.
Just pull them apart and stick them in the tree. You will have cute little swirly things sticking out all over.

Find clear balls and fill them with curling ribbon, beads, sequins, buttons if you can find small enough ones. Use your imagination.

Jingle Bells. Also found in the craft dept. Just string them up on ribbon or curling ribbon.

If you are particular about seeing the pole in the middle of a fake tree. Buy a garland of plain pine, they are fairly cheap at wal-mart...Just wind it up the post before putting your tree together.


Rachel said...

You can't forget The Muppets singing The Twelve Days of Christmas!! Bah Da Bum Bum :)

Becky said...

Are you kidding me!? How could I forget the Muppets...
I recall that you and I both bought the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas CD right around the same time....

BTW, its about time you posted ya punk!

Rachel said...

Haha! Oh the memories...makes me smile :)