Thursday, February 17

Avoiding Josh

Im so sorry that you feel that way Josh!

Seriously though. I came into work today and found a stack (okay not a stack...about 6 orders) of work to do for a girl who went on vacation. Thats fine. Vacations are due and I have to honestly say, I wish I could go on vacation right now.

But all the stuff she is asking me to do, she could have done while she was here. She comes in late, takes extra long lunches, (once she actually suggested that we go see a movie during the work day without telling anyone or clocking out..that no one would notice that we were gone) and has no sense of urgency when it comes to her job. Not to mention, she never asks me to back her up, she tells me as I am walking out the door, the day before she leaves.

And so, instead of working right now, I am updating my blog in protest.
Can you see how I need to get away from here?
Not to mention, Monday we have a new employee starting. And she will pretty much be my responsibility since I signed up to be a Mentor two years ago. plllbbbt!!!! Actually, I just wanted to sound ornery for a sec. ;) That is about the only thing to look forward to. Unless she has bad breath. The last person I mentored, had dragon breath! Can I just tell ya, these cubes they got us in, are WAY to small for halitosis.

So, back to the subject at hand. I am getting homesick. I miss my family. Not to mention, I think I might try my hand at a higher education... 27 and never been enrolled in school (ya, that would be close to 10 years since I graduated).


Kissesforyou said... should feel special that she took the time & dedicated a blog on your behalf...

Rachel said...

Hey there sis. Sorry I did not call you yesterday...I was sick. I hope everything went well at the dentist! Ughh!! Talk to ya soon. I am off today and tomorrow...doctors orders! :)