Wednesday, April 13

20-10 Birthday

Yesterday was my friends 20-10 birthday and we thought we would do something truly unforgettable.
She is always joking about goin to the strip clubs or what-not and we thought it would be funny to get someone to come over and scare her.
We got a guy from dental school to come over and "UN-strip" for her.
He came out in his exercise shorts and started flexin and dancin around to "Stayin' Alive" (the rap version) while getting dressed.
Melanie was beyond horrified. But eventually she got into it and before we knew it she was stuffin dollar bills in his pockets. I can safely say, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. She kept saying "I'm all talk! I'm all talk!" and "We are good girls! This is innappropriate!" But at that point she thought he was gonna take it all off.

I have to admit, the guy was nervous. I thought he was ready to bolt at any sudden movements. But Melanie will hardly be able to forget the day she turned 30. Uh..I mean 20-10....

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Rachel said...

Just noticed the quote you have at the top of your page... haha Averil knows what she is talking about!