Friday, April 22

Another Rainy Day

This weekend is going to be a bit busy. We have a lot going on here!

Tonight my roommates and I are going to a friends house for a barbeque (in the rain). Tomorrow we are acquiring new neighbors so I may pop on over to help them, driving to Gretna( about 30 minutes away) to help another friend clean up her apartment before she moves out, Stake Conference, then ice cream and games at my house afterwards. Sunday looks pretty busy too. Stake Conference, Choir practice, lunch, hometeachers, and probably a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

But today...there really isnt much going on. Oh sure, I have a few orders to check up on..but on the whole...not a whole heckuvalot. I may see if I can take a long lunch to go to a dr.s appt with a friend...but maybe she won't want any company....

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