Wednesday, May 25

The reason I ask...

I only asked because I opted not to lie about it. I hated being put in the middle of the situation! I don't like feeling guilty about something that should have never been brought up to me. Know what I mean?

Incidentally, friend who "confided" in me, denies flat out that he told anyone. I know for a fact that he told at least 5 people. Two being my roommates, one he told me he said something to and another friend that was present when I was informed. This is rather disappointing.

I can see more than one moral to this story. 1. If you don't want your business shared with the world, keep it to yourself. I understand needing support or advice... But in this case, make sure your confident is outside of the situation. i.e. Doesn't know the parties involved. 2. If you can't say it to their face, you shouldn't be saying anything. 3. Singles wards are the den of gossip. 4. There is ALWAYS more than one side to a story. 5. When all is said and done, all parties end up thinking less of each other in the end.

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Katie said...

"Den of all gossip" classic. Perfect description!