Tuesday, May 17

Wasting Time

I want to go home so badly, but I waited to long to leave, now traffic will be horrendous. So...I sit and wait. Shoot...my life is a barrel of laughs isnt it?

43 more days 'til I am UTAHRDED!

I have to figure out a day I can have a party in the next 6 weeks. Sigh...Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy a good Karaoke party every now and then, but for some reason, its just not very appealing lately. You wouldn't believe how comfortable people have been getting at my house. Once, I had to remind about 6 or 7 people not to jump on my roommates bed! Then, of course, there is the reminder to stay out of my bedroom with the door closed...don't help yourself to the food in the refrigerator.... sigh... I tell ya, people are entirely too familiar these days! The stair railing is still broken...

But one more show for the road I suppose....

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