Wednesday, May 18

What's up with Star Wars?

A bunch of my friends are all agog with making plans to see the new Star War's espisode. They were even planning on givin it a go tonight at midnight until they found that all tickets are gone. So, they are bummed they have to wait until Saturday.

The thing is..they keep bugging me to go with them and act almost offended that I decline. I have to say, there are a few movies I would see at midnight with work looming up at 8 the next morning, but Star War's just isn't one of them. If the first 2 were better, I would consider it, but they sucked tiny little rocks. Okay..the first one was cute...for kids... but the second one was just snively teenager stuff.

Thats $8 bucks and 2+hours I would lose forever! Not to mention a whole day of trying not to fall asleep at my desk.

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