Wednesday, July 27

Picking up Hitchikers

What else happened today? I have found that now that everyday is spent at home. I just don't have as much to write about! Who really wants to hear about how many dead spiders I found in boxes of old books and clothes? (shudder)

I went to Tooele to buy a shower caddy (Too-illa, or twilla as most Utahns say....) and ended up giving 4 hitchhiking boys a ride into Salt Lake City.
I don't make a habit of picking up complete strangers; especially of the male persuasion. In fact, I can count only 2 other people total that I have picked up on the side of the road.

1st was during a snow storm right outside of town at 5:30am..poor guy had lost his car in a snow drift of the side of the road....

2nd was a lady in Omaha, NE. Her car had died on a highway overpass during rush our traffic.

Now this 3rd time was 4 of those guys who travel the country selling magazines door to door. Yeah, you know who I am talking about. The ones that can make you feel guilty if you don't buy 3 different subscriptions cuz they are "so close to winning the trip to Cancun!"

I'm such a sucker!


Little Miss said...

tell me you did NOT subscribe to Spin, Interior for Dummies, and Highlights Magazine while giving them a ride into SLC?!

btw, you been to a tiny hole in the wall chinese restaurant in tooele called "Henny's?" (or something like that?) my brother and his wife were there just tonight!

Becky said...

Maybe Hunan's? It's...uh...good.. :)But it's been a few years since I have been there. I do remember the people who run the place are really funny. Small world, your brother being their!

The first time those magazine bastages came by my house I was suckered into getting a subscription. Since the cheapest thing on the list was Nickelodeon, I figured the nieces would like it. $20 bucks my butt! They neglect to mentiont he $10 service fee added to every order. When the kid left, I figured, I had just subcribed to 10 issued for 30 bucks...canceled it the same day and got my money back within the week.

Little Miss said...

Yes! That's it! Hunan's! (my sister in-laws favorite place to eat in tooele...) not much selection, I know. But she used to work there!