Saturday, August 13

Legally Blonde 2???

Yesterday, out of absolute boredom and morbid curiosity, I found myself watching the last 20 minutes or so of this movie. And from that point on, I have felt my brainpower draining. It being so ridiculously stupid, I felt pain!

*shudder* Why do I let my curiosity overcome my good judgment?

On a happier note, ladies... "Must Love Dogs" is pretty a crazy aunt living in the basement sort of way.


Rachel said... is basement living going?? Whats up with you these days?

noelle feather said...

I love John Cusack, but I heard "Must Love Dogs" was kind of lame. Is it worth the $ to see?

Becky said...

I would say its worth the money if you like chick flicks. There is a lot of "singlehood" humor in "Must Love Dogs"

The basement isnt so fun on the other hand. Found 2 spiders in my room yesterday. NOT COOL!

The only thing, really, that bugs me (hee hee) is when people ask me where I work.