Thursday, November 3

Another day

I am kind of bummed that October is over. It is one of my favorite months and its gone!

Not much going on here, just normal everyday smalltown stuff. We are coming up on an election here in good ole Grantsville. It's turning out to be quite ugly. We've got a guy running for mayor who is trying to get the Chief of Police fired on trumped up allegations. His campaign manager is a convicted felon who can't even vote, and he's going around threatening people to keep their mouths shut about certain things. I can't beleive that a small town, not big enough for a traffic light, has some guy posing as a crime boss type. He's threatened the news paper..and is going door to door trying to intimidate people into voting for his guy.

Kind of creepy.


Anonymous said...

hey now...i've been to grantsville, and i know they have a traffic light. :)

Becky said...

nope.. There isn't a traffic light. All they have are the crosswalk lights that only blink when the kids are coming or going from school.

Rachel said...

Mom told me bout the elections but it sounds like it's getting worse since I talked to her.
Hopefully people won't be intimidated by this guy.