Wednesday, December 14

Santa Claus Birds

When I was little, we were taught that the winter birds that fly all over and perch on telephone lines, were Santa's little helpers. This was how Santa new if we were being naughty or nice. Makes sense right?

Well, my oldest brothers kids have been taught the same concept. One day Michele had the girls in the car for a trip to Salt Lake, and there was quite the flock flying overhead. She turned to the girls and said, "See those birds? Those are Santa Claus birds and they are gonna land on that telephone line so that they can see you two!" The entire time she is saying this the thought "Please land on the pole! Please, land on the pole!" Of course, the birds landed on the pole and the girls were awe struck.

This morning, as the girls were eating their breakfast, all the while bickering back and forth as 6 year olds are prone to do, Michele looked out the window and brought their attention to the numerous birds perched on the line right outside the window. Immediately the girls settled down. Kaity, however, promptly dragged her barstool over to the window, climbed up and closed the blinds!

Those Santa Claus birds can be pretty sneaky!

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