Thursday, January 5

Job, shmob...

Ya know, the whole nine to five thing (first of all, its never 9 to 5...its always 8 to 5 isn't it?) is overrated dontcha think? What part of "Clerical, appointment desk, payroll means "sure, I am willing to haul 75lb. boxes for 10 hours a day"???!!!

And who knew I had a Yak friend named Stanley?! Life keeps throwing me curve balls I tell ya.

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Stanley the Yak said...

I totally know the feeling on the 9-5 being more like 8-5. I'm supposed to work 7:15- 4:15 and I'm always here about 30 minutes longer than I should be. That and I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to get here on time. But at least my job description is accurate!