Saturday, January 14

Memory Lane

I ran to the grocery store tonight to grab a couple last minute things, and ran into a friend I hadn't seen in about four years. It turns out she was just in town to see some of her old students in their high school play.

So, to have more time to catch up, I met her over at my old Alma Mater. It was probably the first time I've been back there since I graduated. Let me say, it was quite weird to see everything, at least in that part of the school, the same, but hear about all the changes that have taken place!

Anyway, before I get into that, I have to tell you the funniest part. Admission to the play was $5 Adults, $4 students, and $20 a family (we are in Utah...). I handed the gal my five dollar bill and the dear handed me a dollar in change! WHOOHOO! 28 years old and she thought I was a high school student!

Anyway, it turns out that the music program in my school has changed quite a bit. Let me tell you, back when I was in school, there really was no music program. My sophmore year they gave us a music teacher, but the choir was one of those "anyone can join" type classes until a few friends and I told the guidance councelor that we wouldn't join unless they at least required auditions.

Three years later, the choir was pretty okay. Sure, we weren't competition worthy, although we did compete. All together I would say we did pretty well for a bunch of high school kids being in charge. (I think the teacher was just tired of teaching and sort of lacked the discipline required for a quality choir.)

Now it appears that the school has a "Show Choir" on top of the regular choir. It makes me happy! On top of that, they have plays now!

I remember, being in choir one day and a couple friends and I thought it would be fun to put on a musical. In fact, I remember those same friends and I being the ones that went to the principle to request some funds in order to put on a play. He told us he would give us a $200 budget, and if we weren't able to pay him back, we would never be allowed to do plays as long as he was in administration. Now they do lots of plays.

I don't mean to sound so "back in the day"-ish but this was quite a night for me. I know that somewhere in there I hated high school, but it was cool to see that even 10 years later, we made a little bit of a mark, even if those kids have no idea we were the ones!

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