Sunday, February 12

Counting Crows (again)

Not sure if any of you have ever noticed, but Counting Crows is my favorite band. Not sure if any of you care either. LOL!! But since this is my space to ramble, I just wanted to write about them for a bit.
Check out Jim's Journal

He's the drummer for CC and has been for a few years now. If you check out his discography you can see all the other artists he's worked with. Anyway, he's a pretty cool guy.
Below is an excerpt from his online journal; speaking on their most recent gig at the Sundance Film Festival.

"We have not played a gig since December 1st, yet here I listen to song after song, as we play together like we are in the midst of an extended tour. Counting Crows is truly a great live band. I know how tough the music business is and how really great bands don't have a career half as good, or half as long as this band....The main reasons this band has lasted longer than most of its contemporaries are because of the live shows and the songs. We make this music come alive and this band has great songs for days. We start the sound check by playing Anna Begins, Satellites and then into Children in Bloom. I am playing in awe, each song totally unique of one another and yet each one equally stunning."

Anyway, I thought I would post this because it's a pretty good description of my own feelings. It must be such a blessing to have the opportunity, ability, and skill it takes to not only work with fantasic musicians, but to express yourself through the creation of music.

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