Sunday, February 26

Gethsemane by Andrew C. Skinner

"Because of [the victory in Gethsemane], every human being who seeks God's love receives not only that love but hope as well. Yet, to the Sinless One himself, a being of infinite goodness and perfect sensitivity, Gethsemane was the ultimate torture, the darkest hour, the starkest terror. His most extreme distress had little to do with the thought of physical death, even the hideous kind of death brought on by crucifixion. Rather, to that one being in all the universe who was personally and completely undeserving of the horrible, infinite punishments inflicted, Gethsemane was the bitterest anguish, the greatest contradiction, the graves injustice, the bitterest of cups to drink. Yet, the will of the Father was that the bitter cup be swallowed-drained to its dregs. And drained it was, swallowed to the last drop by Christ. Thus it would be said, in ultimate irony, that the will of the Son was "swallowed up in the will of the Father" (Mosiah 15:7)

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katmandusuekookachoo said...

How is it that you stumble upon such beautiful wonderful thoughts to share with those of us that truly need them with such perfect timing and precision? Thank you my wonder-girl! This bit meant so much to me, especially right now.