Friday, February 17

My goal for turning 30

I have been a crocheter for about a decade now. (that sounds like such a long time!)
Anyway, I have tried and tried to figure out the whole knitting thing. I've bought the "I learned how to Knit!" books and the little manuals that claim the simplicity of the craft. I even bought a CD-ROM for pete sake. All with no sucess.

Yesterday I purchased the Knitting for Dummies. I've heard great things about the Dummies series and even got the Cooking for Dummies for my sister-in-law. So, my goal will be this:

I WILL have a knitted sweater by my 30th birthday!

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katmandusuekookachoo said...

lol!!! You are such a stud! Thank you for sprucing up my blogspot luv... Hey! My goal is going to be to crochet my first afghan by thirty.. so we've got to get together so you can teach me how!
plus mom and dad need a little some something to cozy up their RV.. thought that would be a lovely gift.