Wednesday, March 29

While I was driving in my car

Isn't it interesting how people automatically think that once they get into their vehicles, no one can see what they are doing?

The other day was a day for car watching. It started with the lady singing a desperately heartfelt and sad ballad into her mascara wand, and ended with the woman eating Alphabits cereal right out of the box.

I have fond memories of watching people in their vehicles. The old gentleman flipping his dentures over and over. The man who put two grapefruits under his shirt to similate fondling breasts in the carpool lane on the road into Los Angeles. My favorites are the dancers. The people so un-inhibited, with their windows down, and the radio turned up to its maximum capacity belting out the top "road-trip" song of the week. And the kids who "fly" their hands out the window.

Isn't it fun to turn to the left or right and know that someone is listening to the same song you are, singing along, just like you are...

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