Sunday, April 23

Fun with Google search

Top 10 "Becky likes" on Google search:

Becky likes Sharpies (well, I do have one in every color)
Becky likes it in the mouth (uh..not sure I want to broach this one)
becky-likes-to-write (occasionally, I get a hankering)
Becky likes kiddie shows like Blues Clues and Veggie-Tales. (You gotta love Larry the cucumber)
Becky likes to travel (sure)
Becky likes most types of music (yup)
Becky likes dogs very much. (I sure like Molly, my brothers Springer)
Becky likes the colours in their living room. (as long as its a color and not a form of white)
Becky likes cooking. (love it!)
becky likes you. (of course I do!!!)

1 comment:

Erika said...

diverse little thing aren't cha?