Wednesday, June 21

My parents are having the bathroom redone. I guess they figured a tub that’s been used for 28 years ready to be retired. So, I am being kicked out for three days next week. Its good to have friends you can count on in a pinch like this. As it is, next month I will be moving out of the old parents house. Kat and I are moving into her parents house while they go on a mission for the LDS church. I am super excited. Not that living with my parents has been bad. In fact, they rarely see me these days as it is.
I’ve gotten back into the dating circuit. Its been fun and interesting. I am a bit rusty though, and still am not sure what the good signs are and what the bad signs are. How do you know if a date went well? Everyone is so polite in the beginning, no one wants to say what they are really thinking. That sucks, cuz, I am not one to play the guessing games. I guess it is a bit intimidating when a girl knows what she wants too quickly. So, I am guessing.

My little sister is coming for a visit the first week in July. It will be great as I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving. She hasn’t been back to Utah since last summer.

Last summer…

This time last year, I was babysitting the twins for my brother while he was out of state at a wedding. I was still living in Nebraska, but had packed everything up to move. That was an odd timeline. I flew to Utah for a week, flew back to Nebraska for a week, then moved to Utah. The rest is history. I’m not sure if you remember the reasons I moved back. My mom was not doing well health-wise, and I was feeling the weight of being away from my family. The week I was here babysitting, she was so tired all of the time. I remember how slowly she had to walk, carrying her oxygen tank everywhere she was able to go, which wasn’t very many places.

Anyway, by the time I was all moved back, she was doing better. As in, she no longer needs oxygen during the day, and has mobility. In the beginning we would do things together, just in case she got tired, but the more time that passed, the better she was feeling. Yes, she is still sick, and will always be, but was there a miracle involved? Absolutely. In fact, she is still getting better. It has been a truly humbling experience to watch my parents through this whole ordeal. I can’t say how I would react if I personally were given the diagnosis that my Mom has been given, but she has taken these past 5 years in stride. She has grown and stretched herself beyond her disease. She has developed into a strong, courageous, and optimistic woman. She is a great example of overcoming obstacles. It makes me happy when people tell me I am so much like her.

All things aside, this past year being back in Utah has been a good one. I think I’ll stick around.

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Erika said...

I'm so glad that you relize what a blessing a sane mother is. I want one someday too. Maybe when I grow up.