Thursday, July 20

I am happy

Just a happy day. Not sure how it is, due to the stupid $15 service fee to do a check by phone for my car payment. Yeah, it was late, but not my fault. I still havent received a bill. I had to get the guy on the phone to give me my account number even. So already expensive car payment is 15 bucks higher...AND my interest for each day it was late was increased by about $3 too. sunuva....

This building credit thing sucks rocks.

I beat my cold. Pretty much. I mean, I haven't taken any cold medicine today..except for those great little "No Time for Colds" zinc lozenges..and I havent sneezed yet today. Whoo hoo! I am telling you...Vitamin C the crap out of your cold if you get one. Its the only thing that really works.

So, the system I use constantly here at the good ol white collar job has been upgraded. Upgraded so severely that in order to use said program, someone from IT will have to come to my desk and download new stuff. And ya'll know how busy IT can get. I think they are backed up a month or two. lol. Least thats what they tell me when I ask them to upgrade my windows to XP...

Anyway, I am dead in the water at this point. So, I figured I would try my best and updating ya'll on whats goin on these days. Just chillin here..listening to the newest Counting Crows CD. Drinking straight from this nice cold jug of O.J. and some Yoplait Cherry Orchard yogurt I purchased on my way to work.

The only thing that could make this morning any better...wait..I better not go there.. cuz I can think of MANY things that could make this day better...

But at any rate, I feel like a Cat that has just woken up from a nap. I feel all stretchy and wish there was a window anywhere near my desk so I could see the dust floating through the air.

Another update. total weight lost: 35 lbs. Whoo hoo! I think that deserves a standing ovation.... lol I've also been dating someone..:) he makes me happy.too.

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