Monday, July 31

Singing in the Rain

Okay, I admit it isn't the most original subject line, but work with me here..its crunch time at work, but I still wanted to write about the weekend.

Em and I went to the Peter Brienholt concert Saturday night at the Sandy Ampitheater. Its the 3rd one I've been to at that venue, and this year it rained! It wasnt a horrible storm, just enough water to get you good and soaked.

The concert opened with a pianist named William Joseph. He was amazing! I have to say, his CD will be one I plan on purchasing in the future.

Anyway, after Williams performance, Pete came out on stage and it began to rain during his first number. People were clamoring for cover, but Em and I just sat there, reveling in the great music. The rain stopped shortly, and the rest of the concert was fantastic! There's just something about his concerts that always make me want to be a better person. All in all, it was an uplifting experience that was desperately needed.

A couple fun parts in the concert: Pete had everyone with cell phones turn them on, and he had the stage lighting cut. I was suprised at just how many people had looked pretty cool in the pitch dark. Also, at the end, Pete gave the stage over to David Tolk who has an album release coming up in the next two weeks. David performed the title song on the new album "In Reverence", and it began to rain again. Not as hard as before, but just enough to really create a great atmosphere.

As Peter has a new album release coming up, he played a couple songs that will be on the new cd, and they were great. I can't wait for September to roll around so that I can (hopefully) get to the cd release concert.

Good times....

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