Monday, October 9

Everyday is a busy one. But I think ya'll would die of boredom if I actually told you the goings on of my days. There's really been nothing over the top crazy lately. We went camping this past weekend. It was fun. Cold, but fun.

I think October is my favorite month. The weather is fantastic for sweaters. The leaves have started changing color and the mountains are awash with oranges, reds, and yellows. I love the beginnings of the holiday, shopping, shopping!

I think mainly, I love this time of year because I get to think on past times. I love a good jaunt through memory lane, and the last quarter of each year seems to hold a plethora of good times. Last year I actually spent Halloween with the nieces and nephews; a first for me. It was great seeing them all dressed up. I even helped with the makeup application of the twins. They LOVED wearing sparkly eyeshadow!

Its crazy how much time has gone by since the good old days in Nebraska. Now I have to speak of it as "the year before last". I would be great to go back for a visit. The bummer of a new job is not having any vacation least not enough to use for fun instead of appointments. Hopefully things will open up a bit more, and I will be able to take a trip. I am sure it will be a great time, with its dissapointments as nothing every really stays the same.

anyway...go Huskers. (BLAH!) ;)

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