Wednesday, November 24

Day of Thanks

Sunday we had the High Council speak about gratitude. I have to say, it was a really great talk. No dry council this month.
He talked about how we, as a society, have stopped saying "Thank You" and how those two simple words can disarm any argument. That brings to mind those funny commercials where the lady asks the other woman in the produce section at a grocery store when her baby was due. Of course the woman isn't pregnant and says "What Baby!?" heh hehe hee.. those commercials always make me laugh.

Anyway, I am excited for Turkey Day tomorrow. Originally, I was going to cook the big dinner with a friend, and we would invite people who didn't have anywhere to go. But we couldn't find anyone that didn't have anywhere to go, so Blythe and I were just gonna hit the local Chinese restaurant. (sounds kinda funny!)

But a gal from the ward invited us to have dinner with her family. I get to make the stuffing. We shall see how that goes. I got the recipe from my mom last night, so hopefully it turns out as good as hers.
So, this year will feel much like Thanksgiving on my mission. Spending time with strangers, but have the same love for the Lord. I think its the next best thing to being with family and I sure wish I could be with family. Christmas will not come fast enough!

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