Friday, November 19

Listening to broadway tunes

The last couple of days I have been listening to Broadway tunes. They always seem put me in a good mood.
Speaking of broadway tunes. I was actually perusing my old journals. I found the first journal I started writing in. I was 9. I think I wrote about 4 times and didn't pick it up for another year. It was funny to ready how minute I got in detailing my days. "I woke up, I made my bed, I ate breakfast. I brushed my teeth..." "My boyfriends names are Patrick Swayzee and Kirk Cameron. They are gorgeous babes"

Anyway, back to the music. I wrote about the day, my family went into Salt Lake and stopped at a music store to pick up Les Miserables ( I even noted in parenthesis "lame as a rob" to show my boredom) for my dad, on the way to Grandma house. I thought it was just another wierd tape that my dad would listen to. I remember grumbling when he asked me to listen to it with him. And when he wanted to stop it half way through, I wouldnt let him. We listened to the entire 3 hours in one sitting.
Come to think of it, I don't think he was able to listen to it very often, as I always had it in my cassette player.

So, yesterday, I was listening to a compilation cd I had put together. It has Secret Garden, Les Mis, Funny Girl, Evita, and a couple other songs....
Because I am at work, I use headphones, so as not to completely annoy my neighbors...not to mention, I can turn it up and drown out all the noise. Suddenly I just had this overwhelming feeling of happy. Im feeling it now just thinking about it!

I felt immensley blessed, comforted, excited; happy enough to get a bit misty eyed. Its almost painful not to be able to sing along at the top of my lungs. ( I actually did this on the way home, in my car. I know I must have looked crazy to fellow drivers.)

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