Thursday, November 4

Good days and Bad days

Yesterday was a good day...and then a not so good day. Well, mostly it was good... only one bad thing happened.

I bought my plane ticket to go home for Christmas, and was approved to get all the time off I wanted. This will give me 12 whole days in Utah!!!! This is the longest vacation I will have had in my whole life! Really, I feel like a college student going home for Winter Break.

I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my Yahoo Photo's. These were of the Halloween Dance. Rockin good times...

Umm...OH! We get to keep our President for another 4 years. This was FANTASTIC news. Not to mention that Gambling lost out for Nebraska. I was a bit worried about it. I've been to Vegas, and its not all its cracked up to be. ~not that Omaha, could EVER be like Las Vegas....but why try, ya know?

Anyway, I just got slammed with a bunch of work to do, so that makes today a good day too! There are only so online games I can play before my eyeballs feel like dried up grapes.

I almost forgot the bad thing.....
We have new neighbors in our little duplex. When they moved in, someone had been smoking in the basement. We decided to hold out saying anything just in case it was just the friends that helped them move in. For the last couple days, we haven't smelled anything, but last night, my basement smelled like a bar. All stale smokie and all. So, since Amy(the roommate) is allergic to cigarrette smoke..we may have a problem. Either they not smoke in the house, or we may have to move. bummer......................

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