Monday, December 20

How do you get rid of a cold?

Well, the weekend is gone. I am pretty happy about that. Cuz, of course, the faster the days go by, the faster I will be home.
We had a fun weekend. A friend of mine got married on Saturday and so, a mutual friend of ours came in to do the photography for the wedding.
The photographer (and really good friend of the bride) happened to marry a district leader of mine and Amy's from our mission. So, they came and stayed with us. It was fun laughing and joking about mission stories. At least it was for Amy, Josh, and I. Trish joked with Dawn that it would be a long weekend if they had to sit through endless mission stories.

But, all in all, we had a great time. I think we all ended up being exhausted at the end of it all...

Anyway, only three days until I am "leavin' on a jet plane". I still can't seem to kick this stupid devil cold though. So far its gone through all stages and has settled in my lungs. Hopefully all this vitamin C I keep pluggin in me will help. I would hate to bring a cold home with me.

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