Sunday, December 26

Home for Christmas

I have been home for just 3 days and it has been great! I admit, I do still have this dumb cold, but it is on its way out. Thank heavens!!!
My little sister is sitting here making sarcastic comments about me FINALLY posting. I figure its all good. I bet that she is really the only person that reads this blog anyway. At least, she is the only one that comments. And she is right here!
But I will add more later, ( I promise!) We are on our way to a family party. This will include all the cousins and their kids. The house will be overrun with screaming children and tired old adults (me included!). But, as we were not able to get together last Christmas due to the weather, it will be nice to see everyone. I haven't seen them since last January when my Grandpa died.
These will be happier circumstances that is for sure.
I am already sad that I will be going home. Even if it is nine days away....
More later on todays church experiences...and Christmas too!

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