Thursday, December 9

Making Christmas Ornaments

So, the last couple of years I have made cheap and easy ornaments for my co-workers in place of giving them Christmas Cards. The first year I made cinnamon and applesauce cut cookie cutter ornaments, and last year I made pipe cleaner and beaded candy canes.

So what the heck am I going to do this year? Better Homes and Gardens has some awesome idea's. They would be awesome if I didn't have to make 15 ornaments and had all the time in the world.......

So, I think I have the solution. I will just have to crochet something Christmasy. Wish me luck...
Update on my Dad's progress:
He was sent home on Monday. Miracle of miracles. He was doing pretty good until he decided to vacume the living room floor. Silly paw. Needless to say, he was reminded that his chest had been cracked open just five days earlier and didnt appreciate the extra strain.
Two weeks til I am in Utah!!!

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