Monday, December 13

Ten days 'til I fly home

This weekend was the big weekend of baking. It started off with breakfast for a couple friends. Then I started on the Christmas cooking. Caramel's, Spiced Almonds, Chocolate balls. Sunday after church I made butter cookies, which will be dipped in chocolate after work today, and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies.
I was going to make Russian Teacakes, but it turns out that the recipe for those, is the same as the butter cookies. I was also thinking of trying my luck with either peanut brittle, or butter toffee. Since I like toffee better, it may win out. Hopefully I can find a good recipe for it.

Funny sidetrack on Saturday afternoon. I was on my way to the grocery store for butter and sucker bags (for the caramel's) and saw that there looked to be a run on Wal-Mart. People were parking in the street! I made a beeline for Michael's. BIG MISTAKE! All of their Christmas decor was on sale 50% off!!!!!
Incidentally, I had to buy some more clear glass balls. And a cute star, and some beads to fill the ornaments, not to mention some glitter and garland....

Anyway, you catch my drift.... I just can't resist!

Alrighty then. Sunday was our Ward Christmas Program. It went okay. The Choir only sang three songs, and the speakers left much to be desired. Not sure why they picked all three very young people to speak. A couple of the talks sounded like Mom wrote them. Oh well, all the rest of the day was wonderful, and the spirit was strong.

Joyeux Noël!!!


Rachel said... bout this one...
Pop 'em on the bum and watch their hats go flying!! Bald reindeer!! HaHa

Becky said...

People are going to think we are a very strange family Ray.

How about buying Mom a harmonica for Christmas?

Rachel said...

...or how bout a box of rags!!
Umm...we ARE a strange family!! And that is perfectly great for me!
"After all theres only one more sleep till Christmas day"