Thursday, December 30

Overjoyed as always

Well, my little sister flew home to Houston this morning, Dad was able to go home from the hospital after a night attached to an antibiotic drip, and I hung out with my Kat friend. All in all, I would say this was a very productive day (of course, since it is 1:26am, I am speaking as if it is still Wednesday). I almost got the Christmas tree down too!
It has been a wonderful week being home with my family. Tomorrow (today) I plan on spending with my nieces. I don't feel as if I have spent as much time with them this trip. Of course, I have been helping my parents out a bit more. It really has been good to be home.
Well, right now I am really rather exhausted and feel that this entry would be better served at a later time when my eyeballs don't feel like a pound of sand was poured into them.
Needless to say, I am happy, and continue to remember my joy.

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