Thursday, December 16

Work Party

Well, today we are leaving work early to have our Team Christmas Party. We have such a hard time all agreeing upon one thing to do, that this year we are just going out to an early dinner/late lunch.

Last year we did a white elephant gift thing, and everyone ended up either getting used college text books, or dollar store items that were already broken (me) So, this year we drew names and have a $10 limit.
The lady I chose was pretty easy to buy for. I just bought her a nice bottle of wine. It's interesting to note how many different types there are! Hopefully, she approves of my choice. I have no knowledge of wines at all.

So, I am currently at work. You would think that since we are leaving early, that I have plenty of things to keep me occupied, but that isnt the case. There isnt anything at all to do. So, I am brushing up on my online pool game.

Mele Kalikimaka!

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Anonymous said...

it wasn't the dollar store