Thursday, January 13

And then there were two

Okay, not two....closer to 13. One of my co-workers and very good friends started her new job on Tuesday. She was actually hired on by the company my old manager transferred to a few months ago. So, now it is rather quiet here at the workplace.
My birthday came and went. It was nice. My roommates took me out to dinner (Red Robin!) and a movie (Spanglish) Incidentally Rachel, if you had told me about a certain scene in the movie, I would have hesitated in taking my straight edge RELIEF SOCIETY PRESIDENT roommate! Overall, the movie was okay. Not what I thought it was about at all.

Anyway.. the other day I was driving home from work, when I had a rather unpleasant epiphany. I glanced into my rearview mirror and noticed that I looked tired. Then it hit me. I wasn't tired...those were wrinkles. THEN, I started thinking about all the recent photos that were taken over the Christmas break (my mom is a scrapbooking fanatic) and recalled how tired I looked in each of them. I am not tired. I have wrinkles.
Why is it that those little laugh wrinkles look so cute on guys, but just make me look tired? *GRUMBLE*


Rachel said...

Ha! I forgot about that scene! How could I??? That woman is CRAZY!!! She needs to be on meds! Anyhow, yeah. That movie was a bit dissappointing to me as well. Had some funny moments but all in all, not what I thought it would be.
I called mom last night. Did you talk to her? Russell decided to change the name of the baby. I will let her tell you what it is if you haven't heard yet. Funny!! I couldn't stop laughing!
Oh...i think I have wrinkes, too. Have thought so for a while!

Becky said...

Ya, Mom called me last night. I have to say, it took me a minute to figure out that she was meaning that the gender of the baby had changed.
I wouldn't put it past Russ to name a baby boy McKell. I mean, look at Kami's middle name. ( I think Michele and I figured that they named her after the band Evanescence. Since Amy Mann is is fav singer) Who knows.

So, why did you call Sunday and not leave a message? Or call back? hmmmm???? I mean, I hear all the news from Mom, but it would be nice for you to fill in the details!!!