Friday, January 7

Home at last!

Well, I finally got my luggage yesterday afternoon. I can now relax and feel like I am home. All my laundry is done, and all my new stuff has found its place. It feels so much better. I had started worrying that they had lost it forever.

We have had some winter weather this week. I didn't go into work due to the snow being so bad. We got about 14 inches! Not what I would call fun..... I really dislike the snow. Its pretty for about 2 nano seconds, then someone wrecks and its just not pretty anymore.

Anyway, tomorrow I turn the big 27. I found that the older you get, the less it really means. My work group is taking me to lunch on Monday. We usually do that for everyone so we get about 8 or 9 long lunches every year. Not a bad thing.....
More later..I am still catching up from being away. Not to mention, all the work my backup did for me while I was on my two week vacation, had to be re-done. *grumble*


Rachel said...

I am here....was just diagnosed with ADHD! How funny is that???

Me said...

Happy Birthday yo! I'd sing but it would be bad for the both of us.