Tuesday, January 4

Back from Vacation

Well, my flight arrived in Omaha last night at midnight. Unfortunately, my luggage did not. I have been on hold for over an hour waiting for status as to where the crap my suitcases are, and when I will get them. Bad news is, we are getting ready for a doozie of a storm...that will last the next couple days.
I feel like I can't relax and be home until I get it. And now I may just be stranded until the snow stops. Blah! I need a vacation!
Problem is, when I take a vacation, none of my work goes smoothly. I feel like all my accounts just had to wait for me to get back in order to findout what was going on. And now I don't even know what is going on....
Happy New Year!!!
This year has GOT to be better than the last!

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Rachel said...

So...did you ever get your luggage?? What are the odds? My second year in a row for lost luggage and now my sister "losing" luggage? Its a mad mad mad mad world!