Monday, February 7

Day of Miracles.. lol

Yesterday....I finally found my friend! I was so happy to find him. It turns out that he moved to Tooele, Utah.. only about 15-20 minutes from my parents place. Small world....I could have run into him at Wal-mart....

Also, a funny coincindence. I am signed up on It is a website dedicated to LDS members. It's free and cool cuz you can find people based on location, hometown, statistics, mission, even MTC dates. Its really cool. I have found a lot of friends from growing up on that site. Anyway, I decided to just be dumb and randomly send an email to people on the site. Just because I am weird.

And the person I emailed, just happened to be the little brother of one of my mission companions.

Did I mention the world is small?

my car is fixed, for now. I will have to get the brakes fixed on my next paycheck.. Then, when I get my income tax return, new tires. never ends!

Happy Monday. Ü