Friday, February 4


Well, I looked back across that last few days comments, and found that things have been taking a bit of a plunge these past few weeks. I have been so negative! So, here is some posative....

uh....well.....that see......its like......uh.........OH! I can tell you about a funny Today was payday...that was nice.....My car will only (only..huh!) cost about $150 to fix..cuz my friend is the coolest ever.....

Have you ever had a friend that you really cared about..and wanted to keep in touch with, but something happened and you either lost their email address or they have moved so much in the last couple years that there is just no way to track them down?

I have been looking for a friend for almost 3 years now...and can't find him. I even called the High School he went to, to see if they knew his parents phone number. I think I have called every person in the Salt Lake Valleywith his last name, and no one has heard of him. It is all becoming a bit hopeless.
I am happy today. The sun was shining and I got to wear my new sunglasses.

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