Friday, February 4

A glimpse of Spring

Yesterday on my drive home..I opened my windows and turned up the radio. I even needed my sunglasses! It was so great to have an evening that wasn't bitter cold. The sun was just over the horizon and had turned the sky fire red and orange. That is definitely a plus here in Nebraska. The sunsets are fabulous!

So, back to my exultant state. I was so energized and happy. And then my clutch fell to the floor and wouldn't get back up. There I was stuck at the intersection of 42nd and Harrison, at a four way stop, in rush our traffic.

Isn't life grand? So, instead of new tires and breaks for my car....I get to pay for a new pressure plate for my clutch.

Oh, and it is supposed to rain/sleet/snow/ice on Sunday.

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Rachel said...

That sucks! You seem to be having some terrible luck lately! I thought I was ready to trade in my car! (Not really). I still need tires, hubcaps (grrr) and I am leaking gas. My tax return is spent! is the weekend!! At least that is here!