Wednesday, May 11

100 tidbits of information

1. I am a compulsive shopper.
2. I haven't seen my natural haircolor in a decade.
3. I am afraid of ticks and moths.
4. I don't like hot breath on my face. It makes me suffocate
5. I need Mountains. If the horizon is flat in every direction, I get claustrophobic. (Lincoln, NE)
6. I own 4 different types of black boots, 7 different pairs of black heels, but only one pair of black sandals.
7. I dated a guy for almost a year and he still thinks I have blue eyes. (They are really green).
8. don't own any stuffed animals.
9. I never get tired of reading the same book over and over again.
10. I am in Omaha, Nebraska right now.
11. Counting Crows is my favorite Band.
12. I have been to 5 concerts.
13. My favorite color is Orange.
14. My favorite perfume is Cool Water for women.
15. I have a slight astigmatism in my right eye.
16. I love to Karaoke.
17. I have had the hiccups twice today and its only 10am
18. I hate sports unless they are live.
19. I hate watching the news.
20. I skipped school 36 consecutive days without getting into trouble. (high school)
21. I love to read. When I was younger and reading, my friends would call to see if I wanted to hang out. I would answer the phone and say that I wasnt home. (They wouldn't recognize my voice.)
22. I can only remember my dreams if I talk about them out loud right when I wake up.
23. I have three brothers and one sister.
24. My sister and I shared a room until I moved out at the age of 18. We hated it.
25. I hate doing dishes more than anything.
26. I really like to cook.
27. My favorite lipstick color is Mary Kay Raisinberry.
28. My nicknames when I was little were Fish and Pickle. (Dad is odd)
29. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
30. I am a morning person.
31. I am a night person too.
32. In order to straighten my teeth, the Dr. said I would have to have my jaw broken.
33. I used to bite my fingernails as a kid. My dad said it would give me an ulcer.
34. In order to relax, I tickle the palms of my hands on the side of my pillowcase, or run my toes through my top sheet.
35. I am always trying to find old friends on the internet.
36. Pepsi gives me a headache.
37. I have kissed two guys in my whole life. (not counting Dad and Grandpa's).
38. The only possessions I don't think I could give away are my scriptures...and the quilt my Grandma made before she died.
39. I don't like the taste of water in the morning.
40. I am terrible at video games.
41. I want to take piano lessons.
42. My hair fell out when I was in the 6th grade after I got a perm.
43. I broke my arm when I was 3.
44. I broke my collarbone when I was 12.
45. I broke my pinky toe and dislocated it when I was 26.
46. I am afraid of dentists.
47. One of my best friends is a dentist.
48. I served a mission in Riverside, California.
49. When I grow up, I want lots and lots and lots of kids.
50. I love to go camping.
51. I was born on Elvis' birthday.
52. My sense of smell is very good and is my main source for memory trigger.
53. I too am a Harry Potter fan.
54. The most stressful part of traveling is packing and and getting my boarding pass.
55. I talk and have been known to walk in my sleep.
56. I sleep on my sides and on my stomach, but very rarely on my back.
57. I can never play "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile"
58. I have never had major surgery.
59. I read in the bathroom. Hee hee
60. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
61. When I have a present to give, I can never wait for the appointed day of celebration.
62. I too was a teenager who thought the world revolved around me.
63. My favorite beverage has always been Milk.
64. I know what my relationship to God is.
65. I am not afraid of dying.
66. I am afraid of my family dying.
67. I don't really like cooked fruit.
68. The best joke I ever played on someone was when we made my boss think she couldnt move into her new apartment the next day, due to flooding in the living quarters above hers.
69. If I really sat and thought about it, I could come up with a different theme song for all of my friends. (and some of my not so much friends).
70. I like soft kisses better than hard ones.
71. I think that smile wrinkles and childhood scars are the sexiest traits in the opposite gender.
72. I wear contacts and glasses (not at the same time though).
73. I like to walk in the rain and splash in puddles.
74. I give a killer back massage. Feet too...
75. I am ticklish when I want to be.
76. I don't like onions, cucumbers, or any type of melon.
77. I am girly girl to the core in the sense that I like chick flicks and movies that make me cry.
78. I am a sucker for a fairytale.
79. Simon Dewey is my favorite painter.
80. Pablo Naruda is my favorite poet.
81. I am not very good at memorizing and can only remember the first few lines of anything I ever had to memorize growing up. Except "The Standard of Truth" and D&C 4.
82. I thought Napoleon Dynamite was hilarious.
83. I scare some people with my decorating tastes.
84. I have two tattoo's on my ankle.
85. No matter how hard I try, I can't change the memory associated with the Victoria's Secret scent Strawberries n' Champagne.
86. I like to crochet.
87. Growing up we had easter egg dying contests complete with judges and certificates.
88. My grade school was right across the street from my crushes house. I used to sit on the swings and hope he would come over and talk to me. But he never did.
89. I love to buy glitter or smelly pens.
90. Even though my company provides Post-it notes. I buy my own because I like the colored ones. Pale yellow is boring.
91. Once I won two tickets to the Ballet and a life jacket from a radio station. (Funny thing is the radio station was a Hard Rock station)
92. I am way to competitive at shower games.
93. I collect wierd postcards and greeting cards.
94. I have only really liked three jobs I have ever had. The Trucking Company, The Pager Company and my current job.
95. I like refrigerator Poetry.
96. I am a lot like my Mom in looks and in personality, and that makes me happy.
97. I can see that I will be giving a lot of stuff away when I move back to Utah.
98. I dabble in Origami.
99. Sometimes I drink Postum, cuz it reminds me of my grandparents.
100. If I could have any family in the world, I would choose my current family; quirks and all.

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Becky said...

50 Useless tidbits of information about my friend Wende:

1. I have a black cat named Alex that I got for my 9th birthday. Alex will be 16 this summer.....yes this makes me 25 this year!
2. I love to read. My favorite author is JD Salinger.
3. I have had 2 plants in my life. Spike suffered a horrible death by my roommate's hand or lack of hands watering him. Crystal (named after my friend who was with me when I bought her) is getting huge and doing great. I am trying my hardest not to kill Crystal.
4. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln May 2004! GO HUSKERS!!
5. My favorite basketball teams are Nebraska, and Duke
6. My favorite baseball teams Nebraska and Yankees
7. My favorite football teams Nebraska and Steelers.
8. I have cracked my knuckles since the 7th grade when it became I just can't stop! It sounds like I am breaking bones when I do it and it's loud enough for the person in the cube next to me to make gagging noises every time she hears it.
9. I probably could cook if I ever tried it.
10. It is about 64 steps from the front door to my cube in the office I work in.
11. I can't say the word don't ask me to..its not funny!!!
12. I have one nephew named Easton. Cutest baby in all of America I am pretty sure!!
13. I paid $160 for one pair of jeans
14. My third toe is the longest toe on my feet. They're ginoramus!!
15. My favorite color is green.
16. My favorite movie is Alfred Hitchcock Psycho
17. I sing loudly in the shower.
18. I sing even louder in the car.
19. My toe nails are always painted.
20. When I was little I thought pickles grew on trees, and I wanted to plant a pickle tree in our yard.
21. My parents told me the reason my eyes are green is because of all the pickles that I ate.
22. My favorite game in Las Vegas in video poker.
23. The last time I went to Las Vegas I won 3 dollars in the airport
24. My nickname from my family is froglegs
25. My right hand is a touch bigger than my left hand.
26. I drive a green Chevy Prism named Lily.
27. I have a tendency of naming objects.
28. I've held school records for track.
29. I like putting my feet into warm mud and letting the mud gush between my toes.
30. I get chill Bill very easy.
31. I like brightly colored purses
32. I went to a Rainbow Brite concert and she took a nasty spill off the stage.
33. I use to be a papergirl...I hated it!!!
34. My favorite tennis player is Andy Rodick
35. My favorite football player is Troy Polamalu
36. I fall asleep in movies if I start them after 9pm
37. I like M&M and popcorn
38. I love the smell after the rain
39. My universal response to everything is "Oh goodness"
40. My bar name is Cindy, just ask my good friend Debbie aka Laura
41. My left pinky is crooked thanks to my good friend Ben and co-rec basketball
42. I have 2 brother, and 1 sister, 1 brother in law, 1 sister in law
43. I am a compulsive picture frame buyer
44. I have a tattoo
45. I hate the taste, smell, and texture of seafood
46. I never wear finger nail polish on my fingers
47. When I was little I thought Jesus lived on a cloud, so I was excited to fly for the first time because I thought I was going to get to see him
48. I want to go to the Kentucky Derby just so I can get a really large hat
49. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
50. My favorite thing to be is happy!