Wednesday, May 11

I just remembered a funny night...

I just remembered something that happened a few months ago. Some random guy was going to be in town checking out Creighton University and asked us to give him the grand tour of things to do here.
Well, we ended up taking him to the stake center where a bunch of people go to play some serious volleyball on Thursday nights. Mind you, we had never ventured out to the games for the simple fact that they started at 9pm and ended usually around 1am. Being an old lady, I tend to get a tiny bit snively if I don't get to bed by 10:30-11pm when I have to be up for work the next morning.
It ended up being quite an interesting night. There was a gal who was all agog and trying to find out if he were "Date-able". It was rather amusing listening to her try and flirt with him. "Ooh, nice hit!" "Good save!" As we do the whole six in rotation thing, she would lose her spot on purpose so that she could conveniently take her place right next to him in rotation. When a game would end, front rows would trade and we would start all over. If she ended up on the opposite team, she would bow out until she thought no one would notice and jump into line on his team. It was quite fun to do the play by play on our way home.
Another thing that happened that same night: We all went to IHOP after the games were through.

Girl: If you guys wanted to go home, I would be happy to take *guy* (I can't remember his name!) back to his Hotel.
Me: Naw, its all good, we are going by his Hotel anyway.

So we end up going for icecream (boring and exhausted!) A couple other guys in the group start daring each other to eat packets of jam or Splenda. (yea, we are adults all over the age of 20) Another guy in the group, (can we say special?) Decides he wants a part of the attention and downs half a jar of black pepper.
Of course he cant swallow and ends up going into the bathroom to puke, coming out with so many little bits of pepper in his teeth, I just can't handle looking at him.
I found out later that the amount of Pepper that he could have potenially injested would have been toxic to his body and he could have ended up getting his stomach pumped to finish out his night.

Sigh...the people I associate with are hilarious if not ridiculous!

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