Friday, May 6

Fashion Faux Pas

There is a lady I work with that pulls her hair back in the old '80's "Handle" style. I can't imagine what makes her think it is fashionable. I don't think I have seen anyone since I was 10 that wore their hair that way.

As I was walking back to my desk, I noticed that another gal has her pantyhose on the dirty heel mark from a previous wear is sitting nicely on top of her foot. Thats not even the best part. Looks like she grabbed the first nail polish at hand to prevent a run from goin crazy up her leg. A nice orange red hue, just to the right of the dirty heel mark.
Its business casual dress here for the summer! Hose are not even required until after Labor day!

Then of course there are the regulars. The 40 year-old lady that wears the khaki's that have this 2 inch section of cutwork from ankle to waist with this nice little criss-cross pattern that for some reason lets us all know she goes commando.

There's the highwaters with white socks, blue slacks with brown shoes, short sleeved button up shirts with ties.. the list is endless. sigh...these are the people I work with.

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