Thursday, May 5

Yard Sale

So, I have decided that the best way to reduce the number of boxes I try to pack home, would be to join the ranks of the yard salers this weekend. I don't have enough stuff on my own to host the thing, but a little condo neighborhood is having one and I just happen to know a couple people involved. Whoo hoo.

So, how much should I charge for a VHS?

I figure, I could make maybe 20 bucks this weekend, which would help immensely in my budget. At this point, I am deciding between going to "The Upstream" for dinner, or having enough gas in my car to make it 'til next payday. Its a very difficult decision.. steak or employment? hmmmm

Sigh.. such is the life of a poverty stricken girl out in the cruel world. Maybe I will just go buy an new pair of shoes......

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