Tuesday, May 17

Trying to find a story and a jumble of stuff

A few months ago, a friend of mine (who now lives in Hawaii) related a great story regarding chocolate and the color red. Something about both of these being forbidden in a certain land or community.
I have looked everywhere for this story and can't seem to find it. Bummer cuz it would have worked fantastically for another friends R.S. Lesson on Sunday.

On another note. I am six weeks away from being in Utah again. Its funny...all I have left to pack are my movies, cd's, dishes and clothes. SIX WEEKS! blah.... The time is really going by so slowly.

Friday night a bunch of us went to see 'Kicking and Screaming' It was pretty funny..not up to par for Will Ferrell though.

I am having a problem finding a choir number we can put together fairly quickly for church. This calling is a kind of silly, since I will only have it for 6 weeks...when you are thinking of performances..that equals out to one. Not to mention I am terrible at leading music.

Its only 2:41pm cst... I still have a bit over 2 hours before I can leave work!

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