Thursday, June 30

Day do people do it???

Day two: Took brother and wife to airport, carting twins with me. (Airport is about 45 minutes away)
Went back home, made lunch, picked up Grandma and went to Tooele (pronounced Two-ill-ah).
Stopped at the bank to depost money, the hospital for G-ma to get her blood drawn, went to Walmart to buy food for the 4th, stopped at Albertsons for shrimp, dropped G-ma at the house, went to local grocery store for butcher paper, and then back home.
Decorated "Welcome Home Mom and Dad" sign for girls to hang up when said parents return from vacation, went back to G-ma's house for dinner and time to hang out with brother, who brought his five kids and wife to play. (Went to local grocery store one more time.) Gave 5 kids helicopter rides on the front lawn, threw dirty twins in bathtub, and finally, came home dropped girls in bed and came downstairs for computer time.


I will have to elaborate on the girls would take too long...

I have suddenly re-evaluated whether I really want kids of my own.... (jk...)


Erika said...

I always say, making the young women get jobs as nannys is the best birth control, much better than all those law of chasity lectures.

Rachel said...

It sounds like you were taking grandma around rather than mom.