Sunday, July 17

It's Alive!

Hey all. Sorry I have been such a slacker lately. For the past week and a half, things have been pretty crazy. Between packing, saying goodbye, trying to figure out where I am going to put all my stuff and the actual move, I have been a basket case.

It was sad to say goodbye. I think I ate out at least one meal every day of the week! I could go without restaurant food for quite some time now. But, it was worth it to see some fantastic people one last time before I left. That is the worst thing about moving around. You develop connections with people you may never have an opportunity to see again...

We left Nebraska a little bit before 8am cst and made it to Grantsville at about 10:30pm mst. My Dad drove the entire trip as the truck we were blessed with was a bit squirrely. It was pretty hard to keep it driving straight, and he ended up double fisting the steering wheel for about 80% of the trip.

Incidentally, I think I drove the entire trip in my dreams last night as well.

But, anyhoo, I am finally a resident of Utah again. Not entirely sure how I feel about that after hearing this:

There is this little community on the edge of town. They've been dubbed Willow Creek Estates or something like that. Anyway, not long ago, someone out there was passing out flyers to each house having something to do with trying to keep the "non-mormon" population at a minimum..that they didn't want "those kind of people in their neighborhoods. I hear that a similiar thing happened in Sandy not long ago as well. Incidentally, the stake president ripped that community here in Grantsville good. Told them that if he heard of this type of thing happening again, he would be restricting their temple attendance.

This is the biggest reason I have been a bit nervous about moving back here. How anyone could think that it would be justified and morally okay to do that is beyond me.

So, I am back at the computer..and have realized that I am a bit of an addict.

P.S. Happy 24th Birthday little sister! mwah!


Erika said...

ah, good to have you back.

Abel said...

glad you made it to Utah OK

Rachel said...

why thank you, big sister!

noelle feather said...

Are you kidding about that comment about a flyer?