Tuesday, August 23

Mobsters and Mormons

I went to register for Institute today. Let's see if I actually go more than a couple times this semester!

Anyway, I felt rather old as it felt as if I had about nine to ten years on most of the people that showed up. I found a couple friends from old times that were enrolling, so that was cool

After the barbeque, (cuz there's no such thing as registering for Institute without having a grilled burger!) we all watched Mobsters and Mormons. Yeah, it hasn't been released in theater's yet, but I guess we were lucky to get a special screening, and I have to say, its pretty funny. Anyone in Utah or wherever they decide to show this flick, go ahead and see it. It will make you laugh.


Malia said...

Is Institute like a college?


noelle feather said...

It's more geared towards Religion classes.

Malia said...

Oh, do a lot of people go there? Is it just a Utah thing? Is it just for Mormons?


Becky said...

Well, its a Mormon religion class, but they have them all over the place.