Wednesday, August 3

My old job..

Awhile ago, we were "reminded" that gambling in any form is illegal. So, no fantasy football, betting on any sports, any type is prohibited at work.

Just a reminder.

Then there was the email telling all that cell phones with camera's in them were prohibited on company premesis. That one is a bit more understandable...there ARE pre-verts in the world...

But I just heard a new one from the dear company I used to work for. Read this:

"Several employees have brought in personal chairs from home - this isstrictly forbidden. If an employee cannot get comfortable in one of the standard company provided chairs, please let me know and I'll meet with them to conduct a workstation assessment to identify a chair for them."

The only thing I can say, after a good frustrated chuckle, is "Thank all that is good and holy that I no longer work there!"

I am just baffled!


Malia said...

I used to work at a place that sent E-mails of new dos and don'ts every day. It got so annoying. You could not possibly remember all the new rules all the time. I wish I could run my own company.


Abel said...

fantasy football is only gambling if you put money on it.