Tuesday, August 2

what if..

Today my mom and I went shopping at a cute little consignment shop for kids clothes. It's fantastic too! You can buy "gently used" clothes for cheap cheap. So if you are in Tooele, UT, look up "Sweet Pea's" It's fantastic! And wonder of wonders! The first 2 days of every month, all the clothes that are normally 99 cents are only 25 cents!!!!

Added to all the used clothes, they sell a few new, off the rack stuff as well. They have some of the cutest frilliest dresses! I wanted one so badly. For my nieces, that is. But alas, I think they were flower girl dresses and way to fancy even for church.

Anyway, while we were going crazy buying little sun dresses for my brothers kids, I realized that I may not have any of my own. This is a first for me. My biological clock has kept silent up til now and I really wish I could shut it up for awhile longer....

Don't get me wrong. I know that just because I am 27 and single...and can't quite remember when the last time I went on a date, it doesnt mean I will be miserable and alone forever. I can honestly say, I am okay with myself as is. I don't pine for anything really, except a really really good shoe sale. But every so often...there is this panicky feeling. I could get married and have all boys. I would love a boy or two...but I have all this knowledge of girls (being one myself) and really don't want it to go to waste. There are too many frilly dresses out there, hanging on clothing racks in consignment shops that need me and my fantasy of being a little fairy princess vicariously.


Erika said...

I never wanted a girl, I had two boys. Boys I understand. Then I birthed the fairy fairy princess, (don't ask me why you have to say it twice, ask HER), it's not all it's cracked up to be. Boys are MUCH easier. Just my 2 cents.

QOS said...

boys. i want boys.

but maybe that's just because i don't know how to braid hair?

Little Miss said...

Whoah, I can't get over the Star Wars background...I'll get back to you later about the biological clock thing. Right now I have to go be confused.

; )