Tuesday, September 6

Baby Steps/ Countless miracles

My Dad is the director of the Tooele Valley Mosquito Abatement. Each summer he hires a slew of people to help him control the mosquito population in my area. One of the guys he hires, is the Father of the baby written about in this article (title is the link) They Wyatt's are a great family. Even the article doesn't mention all of the struggles they have been through since Hadlee's birth.

Last night my brother came over to the house. On the coffee table sat a ripped out add with a big picture of this beautiful girl and an advertisement for a fund raiser the Tooele Cheerleaders were putting together. Mom had ripped it out of the paper so we wouldn't forget to go. Adrian being a Daddy himself just asked about the girl. It turns out that his boss has the pool that Hadlee needs for her therapy. Worth $20,000, he is willing to sell to them for a fraction of that cost.

Read the article, and ask yourself if you beleive in miracles!

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Malia said...

Yep, miracles happen every day.