Monday, September 5

Labor Day Party

Today everyone (except Rachel) came out for an early Birthday Party for the twins. This one you see on the background is Kaitlynn.

I can't beleive they are 6 years old now! They are in Kindergarten this year as their birthday lands just after the cut off. They are so good at school, in fact, their Mom hears from the mothers of a couple boys in their classes how much their boys just LOVE the girls. Kaitlynn came home from school on Friday with a ring. She won't say who the boy is that gave it to her, and gets downright embarassed when you ask her about it. TOO CUTE!

Both girls have their first loose teeth. Kaitlynns looks like a little snaggle-tooth as it pokes out, and Cheyenne has both front teeth loose. We are all hoping they lose them before school pictures.

Okay, okay, enough about the girls, I know I could just go on forever!

**EDIT** in this background photo, you can see the tooth that is loose, it just looks whiter than the other cuz it is poking forward!

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Malia said...

Cute! They are the same age as my son. So grown up.

sbwvnjt--some boys will very nearly just talk.